Gracia's 4 months old

Happy Four Months Baby Girl!

How Big Am I?


Gracia didn't have a wellness check this month because we missed it by accident, getting her ready for daycare. We only scheduled a shots only visit so she was not measured. I don't know how big she is but if I were to guess she is closer to 17lbs now and very long - like we are convinced that its time to make her growth chart for the wall so that we can measure her growth because she is getting up there. If I get any measurements this month, I will definitely come back and add it.
Gracia is still in 3 month sized clothing now across the board. There are times where she will wear 6 month sized pants just because of the thickness and length of her legs. Our favorite brands are still Carters and Osh Kosh. I stay buying things on clearance and off season for her size. This little outfit she is wearing above only cost me a total of $8.00. What I have also found is my favorite socks! As you can see, Miss Gracie loves to move her feet to get her socks and shoes off. These Babies R Us brand socks are the best! She cant get them off to save her life. I will buy these over Target brand socks, now that I know.

What's My Routine?


Gracia started a new daycare and we are starting to feel more and more comfortable. She now goes to daycare at 10am to 4pm, three days a week. I will pull out her outfit for the morning and pack her daycare bag. Her dad will get her dressed and takes her there and I will pick her up. He also does the nightshift if she wakes up so I believe that is a great trade off, since I am out the door by 6am.
When I pick her up from daycare, I can tell that she is loving it. Her disposition is the same and all the kids either flock to her or me to say goodbye to their little friend or to tell me about their day. I am glad that she gets some time to socialize. We can already see the influence that is having on her trying to do things that the big kids are doing.



Case in point, Gracia is a bottle holding pro at 4 months old. It all started after her trip to stay with her grandparents. Since then, she has been reaching for her bottle and knows how to put it in her mouth and keep it there until she is full. This has been a great help to her tired parents. She still eats about 6oz of Similac. She may eat 8oz or 10oz at times. But the time between bottles are about 4 hours still. She pretty much is dictating how much and when she eats with no exact schedule anymore.


We have hit a milestone with sleeping!!! Gracia used to wake at least twice in the course of the night where my husband and I would trade off feedings. This month, Gracia only wakes once to eat and if then. She actually slept through the night this week from 11pm to 7am. Here's hoping that she keeps that up. She slept 11pm to 5am last night and probably would've stayed sleep. But after eating, she stayed up blowing bubbles for about 15 mins before she went back to sleep until about 9am. We are making progress!

What Milestones Have I Hit?

I think she is going through the attachment phase. She definitely is grasping for things on purpose and knows how to reach for what she wants. Problem is she wants everything, so we are constantly making sure that the inappropriate things are out of reach. Apparently this day, she needed her Binky, blanket, cloth and Elmo to go to sleep.

Blowing bubbles is her favorite thing to do. Babbling of course - and she really thinks she is communicating with us and tummy time is no problem for my baby genius. LOL.

She is very active! I swear her nap time has diminished greatly.
She loves her activity center and so do we! It keeps her occupied when we need to cook or eat dinner.
She knows and loves her family-
She spent four days without us this month with her grandparents. All parties involved love every bit of it!

Then she came home and was up underneath of us and told us all about her days with them.

She is making it through Wonder Week - Leap #4 with great spirits. I can't wait until the next set of milestones.


Gracia's First Sleepover with her Grandparents
Her shirt said "Life is Good at Grandma's"
Gracia was introduced to Books -
I am not sure if she was squinting or unsure of the people on the page but her facial expression had me dying laughing. Its so interesting to see the world through her eyes.
Eventually she wanted to read to herself.
She skipped to the back of the book - just like her mother.

She has since added a book about Frozen to her collection as well that has a magical wand that makes noise when you tap the page.
Gracia's First Easter Production -
We took Gracie to the Easter play this year. She loved seeing the dancing and performances but if it was her normal nap time, she was out like a light.

 Gracia's First Palm Sunday

The shoes on her feet did not last long at all.. she was able to hold her own Palms though and waved them in the air for the both of us.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Baby Gear/ Toys: 

This exersaucer is absolutely one of my faves. She has not gotten bored with it yet.
If I could put non-toy products on the list, it would be:
Babies R Us brand socks
Aquaphor -
Gracie has baby rash under her neck because of her drool and this has truly helped it from spreading and the discoloration from getting worse.
 Pampers Brand Diapers with the wetness indicator

Paparazzi Got Me!

My Favorite Pics from this Month:


Gracia at Howard seated at the marker for her Great Great Grandmother at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Plot.

Gracia's "posed" smile

She loves to attack mommy's face!

And when she is not feeling well, there will be no smiles.

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Daycare Woes

I know I am not the first, nor will I be the last new mom who has anxiety about letting strangers watch their children. I am one who has anxiety even letting family members watch her, but that is a little more easy to overcome. 
My husbands job changed where he was required to do more office hours and wouldn't be able to watch our daughter from home anymore. We took some time thinking about where we would send her and made a decision to take her to a in home daycare for the benefits of not having a whole lot of children around her at such a young age. 

She had a great first day at day care. She goes part-time and almost only half days because our schedule allows it and also because we are still just "cautious" since this is so new to us. I was so excited for Gracie's first day. We got all her supplies like the first day of school. They wanted to us to label each bottle with the date and how much water should go in it. I found these awesome labels called "My Bands" made by Dr. Browns. 
They are erasable rubber bands where I can use a permanent marker and at the end of the day, it comes right off by rubbing it off. 

She had a great first day at Daycare and the center gave written reports so that we can know what she did all day and how much she drank or ate. 
She played and was so stimulated that she only took cat naps. So of course when she came home she went to sleep for hours.

Well, here is where the woes come in... 
The next day, on Gracie's second day at Daycare, the owner told me that she has accepted a full time mom and that she no longer had space for my daughter to attend. Prior to that day, she said that she would give part time moms "first preference" if she ever had an interested parent in full time. I took that as she would contact me prior to taking enrollment fees. She took that as, as soon as she said it was her warning me apparently. 
That put a bad taste in my mouth with the business of Daycare. Its already hard enough to say ok, I will trust you with the care of my daughter. Now you hit me with the news that she can't come back because you have no space for her on the second day of Daycare. 
I felt so heartbroken and somewhat betrayed. I felt like our deal was not even considered. Especially since that afternoon I was coming to talk to her about going full time but I didn't want to be full time out the gate since I wanted to see how my daughter liked it. 

Well I scrambled for about an hour over that news looking for more options within our neighborhood. We even reconsidered day care centers with hopes that perhaps we would just take her there despite all of our previous reasons as to why we didn't want her there just out of necessity. But when we were quoted $275-$371 per week, we knew that it was not for us AT ALL! In the end, I called the woman who I considered taking her to before she was born. Thankfully, she was able to meet with us within a few hours of calling and was able to take Gracie. Otherwise, one of us would have to take leave to watch her until we found another sitter. I had to just say it was an answer to my prayer because in either case, I didn't want to have to pay more money at this time.

So tomorrow is Gracie's first day at Daycare ... AGAIN!
I will hopefully feel less anxiety once I pick her up.

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Do you want to build a Snowman?

One of the things that I did last week was FINALLY rent Frozen, after stalking my On Demand to see when it would be released for Rent. I had heard nothing but good things about it, but we weren't able to go to the theater to see it when it was out. I sat Gracia down when I got home from work and we watched it together... more like I watched it and she napped after a good 20 mins of watching it but still - in my mind we watched it together.
...mind you, I watched it three times so she pretty much saw the whole thing depending on when her nap fell on that day.
Can you tell that she was as into it as I was...
She was so determined to learn how to sit straight up this week. I would lean her back, she would do crunches to try to sit herself upright. So she did that until she fell asleep watching Frozen.
Can I just speak for her when I say that we LOVE this movie?
I don't know if its because of the catchy songs or the storyline, but I absolutely think this movie is so cute! And as many Disney movies as I have watched, I am beginning to see how Disney changed its message with meet a man and they live happily ever after with this movie. We were so engrained to think that's how real life worked for so long because of their movies when we were little girls that I know a lot of disappointed wannabe Cinderellas that are in their 30's, but I digress because that's a WHOLE other post for a later time.
With this eternal winter that we are currently experiencing, I feel like we are in a real life Frozen.
I have been walking around my office, watching the flurries fall singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" at the top of my lungs!

Well Anna, NO! I don't want to build anymore snowmen! I am SO SICK of winter weather its ridiculous. Its a shame when 50 degrees feels like a heat wave around here because its been so cold.
The smidgen of a nice day that we had last week, we took Gracie out to finally see some sun!
She was dressed and ready to explore...
But first, she needed her nourishment for the ride.

Boy if that didn't backfire on me!
You see this cute face? This is her poop face.
I had to change her twice in the car, in some random parking lot before we even got to where we were going. UGH! But after that we had a really wonderful day.
We went down to the National Harbor to walk around on the docks and enjoy the weather. We were trying to go to dinner, but apparently everybody had the same idea. I was not willing to wait 2 hours just to get a seat.

We took Gracia to the spot where we took our "first look" wedding photos the morning of our wedding day to watch the sunset. Its amazing how life is so different 3 1/2 years later.
Back then, we were just about to say our vows.. now here we are with our 3 month old. God is good!

I hope that the snow stops so that we can continue to make more memories and enjoy things to do as a family and enjoy the good weather.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Create new memories!
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Gracia's 3 Months Old

Happy Three Months Baby Girl!

How Big Am I?


Last month, Gracia's weight was 11 lbs. 6.2 oz - this month she weighs 14lbs. 5oz.
She hasn't been to the doctor's for a well visit to get the rest of her stats yet but I am hoping to get updated stats really soon. I would say that she has definitely grown at least 2 lbs. and possibly a 1/2 inch more. 

Gracia is officially in 3 month clothes in Carters and Newborn clothes in Circo Target brand! 0-3 months in Gerber brand. We pretty much put anything that has a 3 on her and see if it fits. If it doesn't we just save it for the following week because more than likely she will be in it by then.  
She is still wearing Newborn sized shoes. 

What's My Routine?


My sister in law has left us and now Amos is watching Gracie at home while he works from home. My routine is pretty much the same as it was before. I get up with Gracia at her 4-5am feeding. She may wake up some time within that hour and I feed her and may go back to sleep or just get up and get ready for work depending on how close to 5am she wakes up. 

When I come home from work around 4:30pm, I sometimes find Gracia with her bib backwards. I asked my husband why does she have it on backwards and he says its because she is "Super Gracie" ... ok sir whatever you have to do to entertain yourself throughout the day. 

I come home and take her for her afternoon nap and when she wakes about 1-2 hours later we get dinner ready while Amos is at work until about 9-10pm. Around 11:30pm she has her last feeding of the day and I go to sleep shortly after. I started doing shorter baths at night and he gives her full baths in the morning when she wakes up with a full grease down with Vaseline.


Gracia is up to 6oz of Similac Advanced every 3-4 hours or so at this point. She finally is able to handle the size 1 nipples and gets less milk all over herself. She has made attempts to hold her own bottle now. We tried Rice during this month to see if it will help her sleep at night but it didn't so we stopped giving her rice and will save solid foods until next month at least. 


Gracia's sleep schedule is fairly regular. She goes to sleep for good around 11pm and will only wake to eat around every 3-4 hours until she wakes up for the day around 8:30am. She is up at that point until her first nap around 10:30am. She will be awake and nap in about 2-3 hour intervals just like her feeding schedule.

She does really well sleeping in her bassinet. If she is in the bed with us, its not because she cries to be with us - its moreso because we miss her. We hope that soon we will let her sleep in her own bed more often. 

What Milestones Have I Hit?

She is showing more signs that she knows who her parents are - it melts my heart when she wants me

Still Teething and has discovered how to put her hands in her mouth!

She can follow sounds and people with great control of her head! 

She can also sit up for a brief moment with minimal help.

She also grasps toys on purpose now!
...and sometimes pees so much and so often that there is no reason for snapping her onesies LOL


Gracia's First Plane Ride

Gracia got to meet her Dad's side of the Family

The top two are of her with her Aunt, Altagracia whom Gracia is also named, the middle two are Amos' best friends/ brothers, Harvey and Tony and the bottom two are her two Great Aunts Lorenza and Maria.

Gracia's First Walk Outside in her Stroller without the Infant Seat

Another visit from Nana and Pop-Pop - and she told them everything they've missed.

Gracia met her bosom buddy, Ethan and they happened to be wearing the same color that Sunday. 

Had a playdate and both went to sleep at the same time 

...and Gracia has had her first cold. 
Luckily she only has a little runny nose, but we have been giving her baby vaporub and having her breathe with the humidifier near by as instructed by her pediatrician. 
Its postponed the rest of her vaccines since we already split them up by a month, but thats ok. 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Baby Gear/ Toys: 

Disclaimer: None of these reviews are sponsored and are just my personal preference, however, I have attached affiliate sponsor links so you can see how you can purchase them yourself.
Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

You know how I love my Mamaroo.. 
Well I love it not only as a swing, but I love it as a seat to just place her in and get a bit of free time for her to enjoy some Doc McStuffins - she doesn't have much TV time but when she does I love I can show her shows where the star looks like her. 
She loves Elmo and Abby Cadabby as well on Sesame Street. 

Paparazzi Got Me!

My Favorite Pics from this Month:

Watching Sesame Street with Daddy 

Out at Brunch with Daddy and Mommy

My favorite outfit that was handmade by an elderly woman at my husbands church. I absolutely love crochet outfits - maybe because it reminds me of my own grandmother.

At church in Florida

Early Morning Sesame Street watching

Just another Sunday Morning

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